…to anyone who tries to follow this blog. It’s finals week and I’ve been extremely busy with school AND work combined.

As far as updates go, we have the master copies and everything is uploaded onto the MySpace. Now we’re just trying to get copies made so we can start handing them out. We received the artwork from Mike on Wednesday, and it’s pretty intense. The only obstacle we’re facing right now is the expense of required materials (blank cds, cases, printing the covers) and the fact I’m only just learning how to use the program which allows us to burn the cds in their original quality (rather than using iTunes or other typical burning program).

Also, yesterday I took my bass amp to the nearest Gallien-Krueger approved repair shop, so that should be fixed soon.


Almost there!

A major milestone has been reached in our saga. Yesterday we did in fact meet up with Shawn to obtain a number of master and backup CDs with the album on them, along with the .mp3s which I have since uploaded onto the MySpace. I also fixed up the MySpace to look a little better than the standard profile.

In short, the new album is complete and is out in the open for the general public to listen to.

Go forth and listen!



Today we are going out to Shawn’s to get the final copy of the album. Other events on the agenda:

  • Getting the sound files from Shawn to upload onto the MySpace.
  • Creating a new MySpace layout to make it look cooler.
  • Obtaining the artwork so we can start working on a CD ideas.

I’m not sure if we’ll get the artwork today, but it’s one of the few things we have left to do. Also I have worked up a new page for the blog that will have the lyrics to all of the album’s songs. It’s ready to go, but there are two song names we have to finalize before I actually publish that.


New photos!

We took a bunch of band photos this evening at a local junkyard. No, we were not trespassing; the junkyard is owned by Trent’s family. Anyway, Sara was good enough to take the pictures for us and you can see for yourself the results:

The rest of our pictures can be seen on our MySpace here.

If the above link doesn’t work, then click here to go directly to the band MySpace here.


New video.

An older video of us practicing “Charge The Fields”, the last song on the album.


A couple of new videos.

Actually, they’re somewhat old since they are from when we were recording drums back at the beginning. Just thought I would add them to give you all something different to watch.

Ted on his kit:

Trent, DJ, and I waiting in Shawn’s room while he and Ted work out a technical issue with one of the drum mics:


Mix, artwork.

All four members of the band have finally heard the mix, and in agreement of it’s complete awesomeness. However, we’ve also discussed a few things that could be different and so one more test mix is needed. If that’s all it takes, then we will soon have a finished album.

Also, we have asked one of the artists from Your Mom’s Tattoo Attelier to come up with album artwork. Apparently he is almost finished, and we’re all excited to see what he’s done.